Registration form 2018

4th-16th November 2018

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It is a requirement of entry that within 12 months of your race entry you will have completed an ULTRA running event, please list the event and the date of entry of this event
Do you wish that any sponsor's name appears besides
your name in registration and classifications list?
Do you wish to take
a cancellation insurance?
Do you want to take out insurance
Do you wish to take out a money-back guarantee
for sporting activity injury ?
Discount for their part in
last year's edition.
Discount for had finished in the top 10 of the
previous edition
The hotel rooms as well as the tents in campsites are double. Let us know, if possible, with whom you would want to share. If you travel with a partner, you can share with him/her the hotel room and with other runner the tent along the race.
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As participant in the EVEREST TRAIL RACE 2018 organized by ADEAVENTURA, by submitting this form, checking this box and clicking the button below, I consent to having read and agreed to all terms and conditions of inscription, payment and cancellation policy General Rules. Likewise I declare to take part in the ETR with full knowledge of the risks that the mentioned race carries, and commit to present to ETR medical staff on the day of technical controls in Katmandu the medical certified of physical aptitude (on the specific document provided by Organization) and an original at-rest electrocardiogram graph, both dated and signed within the 30 days prior to the race start

expect breath-taking views of not only one,but several ofthe world's tallest mountains